Permanent Make-Up

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Semi-permanent makeup, implanting colour pigment into the dermis to produce the appearance of hair strokes. This is a great choice for someone without oily skin and under 55 years old. For mature skin we recommend powder/ombre brows.

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Powder Eyerbrows

Powder brows gives a soft powder makeup look. This is done with a needle and can be used to offer an ombré appearance.

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Combination Eyebrows

This is a combination of the hair strokes (microblading) and the powder brow. This is a great option for someone with current microbladed brows wanting the powder look.

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Permanent eyeliner enhances the lash line and defines your eye shape. Thickness and colour have several varieties for clients to choose from that best suit their desired look.  

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Lip Pigmentation

Permanent lip liner adds definition to your lip shape. This can be either lip liner or a full lip pigmentation.

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Beauty Mark

Is adding pigmentation to the dermis in a desired location.

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Permanent freckles is adding pigmentation to the dermis, This is done in desired areas. This is done in desired areas in a patch to create the freckle look.

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What our customers are saying

Absolutely amazing job from this lady! This was my first time getting my lashes done and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! Sheneese made it a great experience and will be returning soon :) 100% would recommend!

- Kierah

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