Eyelash Extensions

Bridal party package:

"Say Eye Do!" To this package, it is offered with a minimum of 4 individuals required to book. The bridal package gives the group 30% off, it is valid for Classic, Hybrid and Volume lash sets only.

Classic Eyelash

Classic eyelash extensions focuses on a natural look, there are many looks that can be accomplished with this lash set. Classic set is the application of one synthetic mink eyelash to one of your natural eyelashes.

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Hybrid Eyelash

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a mixture of single eyelash extensions with 2 or more volume fans. This is great for individuals looking for more volume than classic offers, or more fullness to fill out their sparse lash line.

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Volume Eyelash

Volume eyelash extensions are using 2 or more lashes to make a light weight fan, that creates a fuller more dramatic look. This is a great set for someone who has a sparse lash line, thin lashes, or just seeks fuller lashes.

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Russian Volume

The difference between this and a volume set is that these fans are created during your service not previously made. To create these fans a well crafted technique is required. These lashes are much lighter than others used sets listed above. Volume lashes allow for the safe application of 2-5 extensions per natural lash. This technique helps the fans adhere to the natural lash better than premade ones.

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Mega Volume

Mega volume requires a different technique than Russian volume as you use more lashes up to 10 lashes for a fuller look. Volume method of applying 5 to 10 extensions to every 1 natural lash. This set requires all the lashes to be 0.03 for your lash health and to be properly placed and balanced to ensure your lash health is not compromised.

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Eyelash Lift

An eyelash lift is a good alternative to an eyelash curler. This is a great way to get longer looking lashes without the maintenance of eyelash extensions. This lasts 6-8 weeks

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Darken your eyelashes or eyebrows on your next appointment. There will be no need for mascara or eyebrow fillers with this service.

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Eyelash Removal

Get your extensions taken off properly with no harm to your natural lashes.

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Allergy Test

To avoid the unknown of whether or not you may be irritated from your extensions, try our free allergy test first. Best choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

FREE Allergy Test

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What our customers are saying

I got a lash lift and tint done by Mink Magic and let me tell you sis the experience was amazing. While doing it the vibe was friendly and relaxing, we talked and my lashes looked amazing and long after.

- Sheneelia

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