Hi there! My name is Sheneese Lamondin, I am the founder of Mink Magic Beauty Bar. Mink Magic Beauty Bar is my greatest creation, it has allowed me to personally grow and grow in the business industry tremendously. Mink Magic is run by a fully certified master permanent makeup technician. laser teeth whitening technician and eyelash extensions technician, specializing in classic, hybrid, volume, Russian volume and mega volume eyelash extensions. I have a passion for beauty and helping everyone see their true beauty. Making women feel more confident with themselves is a goal here at Mink Magic, women empowering women is such a beautiful thing to witness here.

I am a certified NALA (National Association of Lash Artists) member and NALA certified educator. I completed High School with a Specialist High Skill Business Major, I always had my heart set on owning my own business. I never thought it would be in the beauty industry, if I am being honest. BUT I LOVE IT!  My post secondary degrees do not compare to what experience I am receiving through Mink Magic. I cannot stop wanting to learn new things to offer you great people. I want to thank you for your trust in my business and continuous loyalty and support.

Mink Magic Beauty Bar won Gold for the Best New Business in Peterborough. Through the Peterborough Examiner for 2019. I am so very honoured and proud to have been nominated among so many other amazing businesses.

At Mink Magic we pride ourselves on ensuring the best experience for our clients. Only the best products are used here, all products are cruelty free.  Upon your arrival we will conduct a consultation before your lash & permanent makeup appointment to determine your desired look. There are many options for curl types and lengths for clients to choose between. Eyelash extensions can last from 3-4 weeks, it is recommended to book your fill for 2 to 3 weeks. Permanent makeup requires a 6-8 week touch up and annually. Allow us to help empower your natural beauty.

Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you find everything easily. 

Stay tuned I am always working on new things for you guys! xo

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